Who is ATA?

Albanian Tourism Association (ATA) was established in April 2008 as an umbrella association dealing with the shortcomings of a competent and comprehensive representation of the private sector of tourism.
ATA’s mission is to function as a competent, professional association so as to serve as the united voice of the tourism industry, thus ensuring favorable framework conditions and offering services that guide these businesses to a high-quality product, tourism services, and effective business management by a well-trained staff and increasing income. The mission strives to enable optimal conditions for the Albanian tourism industry and to increase the competitiveness of Albanian tourism on the international market.
As a professional association and representative of the tourism industry, ATA urges all the industry players to join their forces to foster an institution in which all of us, contribute professionally and become the main participants in the decision-making process, that will impact the future of our industry.

Why ATA?

  • Marketing & Promotion

  • HR Assistance

  • Favourable Taxation

  • Attention

  • Advocating

  • Lobbying

  • Consulting Services

  • Quality & Standards

  • Training Services

ATA Members


…and become the voice of the Albanian Tourism industry!

ATA currently counts more than 300 members countrywide. Nearly half of them belong to the hotel sector, 90 of them belong to the Travel & Tourism Agencies Sector including transportation companies, over 40 in the Restaurants & Bar Sector and 20 Industry associated members.