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Why Choose ATA?

Members count on the association advocating and lobbying on their behalf. Members also receive product development services to improve their service offerings. Other services rendered by the ATA for its members include:

Marketing & Promotion
ATA has published three Member’s Catalogues and and a series of promotional broshures for its memebers.
Market intelligence research available to members
ATA conducts annually a tourism business survey and publishes the outcome in the Index Study of Albanian Tourism Climate. This index accomplished for the 3rd consecutive year in 2012 with the support of GIZ, showed the perception of ATA’s members for tourism developments in various sectors and destinations of Albania for 2012. Based on the outcome of this study ATA has produced a 5 year strategy paper for the association. In addition ATA has applied surveys on:

  • Industry Needs for Alternative energy and the actual volume of use
  • Industry Needs for Software
  • Level of implementation of Food safety measures in restaurants & bars
  • Experimental Tourism Satellite Account in Albania

Consulting services and assistance in HR development, training sessions
A very rich pool of tourism consultant and experts have joined ATA since the foundation. They provide services for the industry and the association at times. Recently a group of experts were certified as TOT by the American Hotel and Lodging Education Institute AHLEI.
Marketing and Promotion
ATA lobbies for a Tourism Fund aiming improved destination marketing and promotion. ATA member businesses (mainly Incoming agents and Tour Operators) join the Albanian National Tourism Agency in several International Tourism Fairs aiming to best promote Albania as a tourism destination.
Quality & Standards

ATA is the owner of the Authentic Albania Quality Mark, the only quality-driven standards for Albanian accommodations (hotels and guest houses).

In cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism ATA has established a tourism award scheme as a measure to improve the awareness and knowledge on the tourism sector about the prerequisites for a sustainable development. Furthermore examples for the development and implementation of creative ideas which meet given criteria are identified and honored as best practice examples ATA is the owner of the Albanian Tourism Award, the only quality driven scheme for individuals and organizations.

ATA has marked important achievements for the industry over the last 6 years .

Framework Conditions / Advocating / Lobbying
ATA articulated clearly its position regarding the Tourism Law, Tobbaco Control Law and the Law on IPR. Regarding the later ATA undertook negotiating sessions with copyright agencies and public office in charge, communicating issues to be amended in the law to lawmaking bodies and other actors involved in the process and making sure the new draft law on copyright included ATA’s suggestions.
Visa issues
By a special Decision of the Council of Ministers all citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Serbia entered Albania without visas from May to October, since 2009. In 2014 the number of these nationalities increased by 6.
Favourable taxation policies
Reduction of triple municipal tax for waste services applied to the hotels in Tirana. In the pre-electoral period April 2011 ATA lobbied for a lower city tax and dedication of this tax for tourism promotion purposes. This tax was reduced from 5% up to 2.5% in 5 municipalities all over the country specifically Tirana, Durres, Pogradec, Vlora, and Saranda. ATA is actually lobbying for a lower VAT in tourism.
ATA has managed to increase awareness within the sector and to the wider public through a dynamic presence in the written and electronic media. The e-News bulletin was released 30 times from 2009 -2013. In 2014 the munber of e-news sent from ATA doubled in number and recipient volume
Standard and qualities

In order to combat lack of standards in the industry ATA established:

a.) The Albanian Tourism Award, the only quality driven scheeme for individuals and     organisations recognised and is supported by the GIZ.

b.) The Authentic Albania Quality Mark Program the only quality-driven standards for Albanian accommodations (hotels and guesthouses). 83 hotels  were awarded from 2011 to 2014 and 20 more awaiting.

Training Services
ATA trained  20  Tourism  Consultants  in  June-July 2011  on  Hotel  Management  in  cooperation  with USAID’s Project Rritje Albania and the EBRD BAS Program. ATA trained 10 Agents specialized in incoming on Web Promotion Techniques with the support of USAID